Outdoor Classroom Day

18 May 2023

Children spending less time outdoors than ever before is having a serious impact on their wellbeing and development.  Time outdoors can improve mental and physical health, foster creativity, problem-solving and independence, and help children engage in learning in completely new ways. They also get a better understand of the world and environment they live in.


To celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day,  we’re encouraging all schools in the City to take their pupils outside at least once on the 18th May.  It could be as simple as outdoor story time at the end of the day, a picnic lunch in the playground or a science lesson exploring different habitats.  You could also get creative and use your outdoor environment to inspire an art, drama or English lesson, measure and collect data for maths, DT or geography, get involved in a practical hands-on grounds project or have a whole school outdoor assembly.


As an extra ask, we’d love you to send us just one photograph of the children learning or playing outdoors on the day.  We’ll then use all the photographs we receive to create a resource celebrating all outdoor learning in Brighton & Hove, and inspire other schools locally, and maybe even nationally, to get more involved.


Resource ideas for the day can be found at;

  • www.ltl.org.uk/free-resources/
  • www.outdoorclassroomday.org.uk/resources/
  • Evolve (Resources tab – pink icon – curriculum delivery outdoors)

Please send your school outdoor learning photo (and short description) to: [email protected] by 25 May 2023.  Thank you.


Have fun!