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Our City, Our World Vision.

To use the power of education to advance environmental literacy and social engagement to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future. We will work with young people, educators, community organisations, the council and relevant partners to promote a just and sustainable world where environmental and social responsibility drive individual, institutional, and community choices.

The challenge and the opportunity

It is estimated that by 2030, the world population of 7 billion will demand three times as many resources as the planet can supply (One Planet Living® sustainability framework – Bioregional).

Meeting the needs of our global citizenry—ecologically, economically, culturally, spiritually, and more—requires understanding and creative problem solving.

The Our City, Our World programme will enable schools, individuals and communities to learn effectively about sustainability, climate change and the environment and to develop skills and understanding about how to address local and global challenges.

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We believe the Our City, Our World programme has the power to transform lives and society. It will inform and inspire. It will influence attitudes and motivate action. It will be a key tool in expanding the environmental movement and creating healthier and more socially-engaged communities in Brighton and Hove and beyond.

Through education we have the privilege to be able to engage directly with young people who are passionate about the natural world, want to do their best to protect it and can influence their wider communities.

We will provide opportunities for them to be actively involved in initiatives, to see hope and to see themselves as changemakers. They will see their schools as organisations that operate in self-aware sustainable ways and they will also experience regular opportunities to connect deeply with nature.

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