When planning school trips, do consider using the local buses wherever possible.

We’ve put together a Why use the bus? guide – the information is also pasted below.


Why use the bus?

·         It’s cheaper, with lower bus fares for children and young people

·         Up until 2025, there’s free travel for up to four children aged 19 or under when accompanied by a fare paying adult or an adult concessionary pass holder

·         You help towards easing congestion, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the City’s air quality

·         It’s a valuable life experience for children

·         It’s healthier (more walking is involved)

·         It has a better safety record than coaches or cars

·         Popular City spots are well within reach, including the City Centre, Devil’s Dyke and Stanmer Park, plus further destinations such as Eastbourne, Shoreham, Steyning and Lewes.



·         You can book to travel as a class of up to 40 and providing there is capacity on the bus, be able to board as a whole group

·         As this may not always be possible, any booking over 30 will automatically be issued as two tickets to facilitate a group split if required. Always plan your staffing ratios accordingly, avoiding a lone adult supervisor scenario.


Top tips

·         A 10- or 15-minute walk to another bus stop can often give you a lot more travel options

·         Plan to travel between 9.30 am and 3 pm (off-peak)

·         Plan your journey using the B&H bus website journey planning tool or contact the customer support team on 01273 886200 or [email protected]

·         Buy group tickets at least a week in advance to give the bus company time to post them out to you

·         Sit upstairs in groups, wherever possible

·         Appreciate the bus driver’s needs, such as complying with the Disability Discrimination Act

·         Be mindful that seating is limited to 62 in some buses so they will have less capacity for schools

·         Report any issues to: [email protected]

·         Whilst other coach providers have deals, we are aware that Spirit of Sussex’s filler service, at The Spirit of Sussex (buses.co.uk), 01273 886 222 or [email protected], is much cheaper than the cost of a normal coach service, operating between 9.30 am and 2.30 pm. It is popular, though, so book as far ahead as possible.

Includes Brighton & Hove buses, Stagecoach, Compass Travel & The Big Lemon services.

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