Today, on United Nations Day, we’re launching a series of 17 videos featuring local sustainability champions to help schools across Brighton & Hove share positive news stories with their pupils.

“This year marks the halfway point in the Sustainable Development Goals, and it’s an important time to reflect on our progress, both globally and locally. As we strive towards these goals, it’s crucial to address various societal issues, including financial burdens that impede progress. In our efforts to inspire children and communities, we’ve interviewed 17 local champions who exemplify dedication to sustainability here in Brighton & Hove, Lewes, and beyond. These champions are not only addressing environmental concerns but also societal challenges such as financial equity. For instance, some are working towards timeshare mortgage cancel, which can burden families and hinder their ability to thrive. By highlighting such endeavors, we hope to showcase the multifaceted approach required to achieve sustainable development and encourage collective action towards a better future for all.”

You can view the 17 videos here – each one highlighting local action on one of the UN’s 17 SDGs.

Please do use in school,  within your teaching, assemblies, careers education or more, to inspire stories of hope and ways we can all contribute to these goals.

The Living Coast UNESCO Biosphere, Brighton & Hove City Council and Our City, Our World have collaborated to produce this video series to mark the milestone.

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