National Tree Week falls from 15 November to 3 December 2023.

As the planting season for trees in November to March, it’s a good time to apply for some free trees!


  • The final round of the Local School Nature Grant closes 10 November – £500 to spend on outdoor equipment, and free training also provided.
  • OVO Foundation Nature Prize – £200 or £1000 awards for bringing pupils closer to nature.  Apply by 27 November

Before planting trees in your grounds, please consider the following:

Schools must consult the BHCC Property and Design Team if they want to make changes to their school grounds which includes significant amounts of tree planting.  This is to ensure any ongoing maintenance responsibilities, health & safety implications and impact on structure and access for all types of maintenance works is taken into account.  Schools need to give similar consideration to the planting of ivy or honeysuckle along a boundary fence in terms of;the impact on the integrity of the fence, the need to prune to ensure any adjacent footway was not blocked, the impact to the line of sight for any vehicles arriving or leaving the site and the possibility of triggering hay fever or other allergic reactions.


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