Arrangements for Student Assembly on 27th March – Hove Town Hall

Students involved in hosting or organising the event can arrive from 4pm.  We will have a run-through ahead of the event.
Event to run from 5-6.30pm.
Headteachers, governors, senior programme leads are all invited.
Please send details of how many students will be attending to katie by 21st March.


Secondary Schools for a Sustainable Future (SSFSF) recognises the importance of young people leading the sustainability agenda in their schools.

Students from 6 Secondary schools in Brighton & Hove have been trained up as climate leaders, also 70-100 climate ambassadors in their schools, ensuring young people’s voice on climate change and sustainability is heard in the school.

Working with Citizen’s UK , schools researched different sustainability themes which they presented at a Student Summit in December 2023.  Through a democratic process, schools chose to work together over the rest of this academic year on the theme of Consumption & Waste.

More information here and here.

As part of the SSFSF work, students will have the opportunity to join the UK Sustainable School Network.  This will give young people a chance to share our work nationally as well as learn from other regions and participate in national campaigns.