Lessons produced following COP26 for KS1, KS2 and KS3

Range of resources for primary and secondary

SECONDARY   Wide range of KS3 lesson plans    Small range of KS3 lesson    vast range of climate change videos  Great set of maps/diagrams showing climate change development  American not for profit organisation highlighting global climate activism  Royal Society question and answer resource for Climate Change. Good for jigsaw dialogue activity

PRIMARY    Broad range of KS2 lessons linked to specific curriculum areas as well as ideas for ‘green’ days/events at school


20 Cool Climate Change Activities to Get Your Students Engaged   Small range of activities including a video explaining climate change   Resources aimed specifically at Catholic schools but some can be used more broadly–m8  Climate change explained How to save our planet – needs explaining but has key facts and strong images Blue Planet Prequel Intro to Greta Thunberg      Newsround Greta Kids animation on climate change  – variety of worksheets/diagrams