Quite hard hitting somewhat political films for older children covering very wide range of themes  Story of plastic animated short – quite political  – sustainable toy manufacturers sisters campaigning to stop mcdonalds producing plastic toys       Sisters in Bali removing single use plastic from the island – Sisters war on plastic solutions to packed lunch waste ideas for what to do with waste zero wasting shopping children interview Iceland manager about amount of packaging shopping avoiding single use plastic for 30 days  – waste free lunch poster,to%20use%20the%20next%20year – waste in the classroom – fact generator/waste clock e-waste explanation – yr 4/5/6 living a life of zero waste– figures on educational waste amazon destroying unwanted goods – length of time for waste to decompose


FOCUS ON WATER – Water crisis explained – needs editing to focus on key elements e.g. litres in a coffee/cotton T-shirt/beef What causes sea level rise? Understanding sea level rise – Ade’s climate change – look at sea level rises –first 15 mins Water facts/scarcity Our thirsty world – National Geographic Percentages/facts around domestic water use Tips on saving water links water waste to food linking water waste to clothes production – good films on t-shirt/cotton production facts about oceans including pollution

Consumption and Waste Planning and Resources

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